Australian Euro Jackpot Lottery Options

Although learning the rules that govern the Euro Jackpot Lottery is very easy to do, it is best to make sure you have familiarised yourself with them at before you purchase and play your first ticket. You will be able to get in on all the action by means of a wide variety of devices, and can find out all the information from wherever you happen to be, since you are no longer required to find the time to visit a land-based vendor in order to purchase a ticket or get your questions answered.

How to Play the Euro Jackpot Lottery

Australian players will need to select five regular numbers from a pool of one to 50, and then two additional ones from one to ten. The point of this process is to predict as many as possible of the numbers which will appear in the final draw, with the jackpot requiring all seven to be correct, but eleven tiers below the top prize affording significant rewards as well.

The Prizes Available for Euro Jackpot

As detailed at, the prizes for the Euro Jackpot are quite extraordinary, and are among the largest available anywhere in the world. The minimum jackpot is €10 000 000, or just over AU$15 000 000, and this amount continues to grow each week unless it is won. Technically, the Euro Jackpot Lottery is in fact a lotto, the difference between the two games being that lottos have their totals rolling over if not won, allowing the top prize to increase dramatically with each sequential draw, until it is finally claimed by one lucky player. The maximum Euro Jackpot lottery prize is €90 000 000, or just over AU$142 000 000, meaning that if this maximum amount if reached then the prize money will roll down, tier by tier, until there is a winner. This has allowed the game to be more high-paced and produce more winners than lotteries that only hand out prizes if an exact number match is found.

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Prize Breakdown for Euro Jackpot

The Euro Jackpot lottery was designed to create as many winners as it could, and sports 12 tiers of prizes to this effect. The second and third place tiers, for example, creates winners who are often able to take home money in excess of AU$200 000, or as much as AU$20 000 000!

There are player requirements in place, a detailed list of which is available at, including that you are 18 years of age, and that there can only be one winner per ticket. This will be the person who is in possession of the winning ticket, rather than the individual who bought in cases of dispute, but this is not a factor which online players need to take into account, since the winning numbers will automatically be linked to your online account. Should you be playing as part of a group, then a separate legal contract will need to be in place to determine how the money is divided, since only one person can technically win. Check the total prizes available easily online and start making your way to any of the incredible wins offered by the Euro Jackpot Lottery today!


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